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   ICON Scintillation Crystal
CsI(Na) Scintillator, CsI(Na) Scintillation crystal
CsI(Na) has a wavelength of emission peak at 420nm and is well matched to PMT and a light output yielding to 85% of NaI(Tl).
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LuYAP:Ce Scintillator, LuYAP:Ce Scintillation Crystal
Ce:LuYAP which raised from lutetium aluminate, luap has excellent characteristics including short decay time, high light output, high density which has high resists on gamma ray. luap are widely used in pet application.      
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YAG:Ce Scintillator, YAG:Ce Scintillation crystal
Wavelength is 550nm, can march Si-PNP and PMT well.
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LuAG:Ce Scintillation crystal, LuAG:Ce scintillator
LuAG:Ce is a relatively dense and fast scintillation material
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LuAG:Pr Scintillator,LuAG:Pr scintillation crystal
Praseodymium-doped lutetium aluminum garnet is heavy single crystal scintillator with a very fast scintillation decay and moderate light yield. LuAG:Pr is a promissing material for fast timing applications, fast and high resolution imagining, PET, oil logging applications
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BaF2 Scintillator,BaF2 Scintillation crystal
BaF2 presents excellent scintillation properties, which is widely used in high energy physics, nuclear physics and nuclear medical instruments etc.
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CaF2:Eu Scintillator,CaF2:Eu scintillation crystal
CaF2(Eu) is an excellent scintillator for detecting gamma rays up to several hundred keV and for detecting charged particles.
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CeF3 Scintillator, CeF3 scintillation crystal
Cerium fluoride (CeF3) is an excellent inorganic scintillation crystal found recently years. It's good for application in various high energy physics experiments.
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CLYC:Ce scintillator, CLYC:Ce scintillation crystal
Cs2LiYCl6:Ce (clyc) crystal is a promising gamma neutron detection scintillation crystal
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LaBr3:Ce Scintillator, LaBr3:Ce scintillation crystal
LaBr3:Ce crystal is an excellent scintillation crystal.
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